Wow 93% of Managers need training!


Yes, that’s right! 93% of managers say that they need training on how to coach staff.

I spent a good part of 25 years managing people and I can honestly say that this was one of the most challenging things that I had to do. Managers are required to balance company objectives, reach targets and key performance indicators, together with doing their own work and getting other people to do theirs.

Managing people has its plus side, you get the opportunity to lead a team, you see people grow into their roles and you are proud when your team performs. However, you also need to deal with poor performance, absence, sickness, stress, conflict, hiring and firing and it is these things that increase stress levels of managers.

How managers communicate with their staff is key to how staff respond back. The way managers ask staff to do things, the way managers chase staff up, the way managers get staff to open-up, be honest and accountable is a skill.

I went on many management courses during my time as a manager but none of these courses taught me what my coaching diploma or NLP training has taught me. I am not saying that every manager should do a coaching diploma or train in NLP but not having coaching as part of core management training is a missed opportunity.   I know that if I had been given coaching training whilst I was managing people I would have become an even better manager with the key skills to support my staff.

It is my mission in 2018 to support Managers to become great Managers by teaching them key coaching skills.

One of the ways to start this off is by asking managers to use the G.R.O.W. model this is:

Goal – what is the end goal

Reality – where is the staff member now and how far are they from the goal, challenges.

Options/Obstacles – what stands in the way, what are the options

Will/Way Forward – what are the action steps & dates